Research Projects


FONDECYT Grant 1140829 (2014-2018): Dynamical systems and algorithms for optimization and equilibrium problems involving nonsmooth and nonconvex functions. Principal Investigator, Responsible.

Millenium Science Nucleus ICM/FIC RC130003 (2015-2018): Information and coordination in networks. Associated Investigator.

Basal Project CMM, Universidad de Chile (2008-2018). External Associate Researcher.



ECOS-CONICYT Grant C13E03 (2014-2017): Dynamical systems and algorithms for nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems. Principal Investigator, Responsible.

CONICYT REDES 140183 (2014-2016): AM2V-MODEMAT network on optimization and control. Principal Investigator, Responsible.

MATHAMSUD Project 15MAT-02 (2014-2016): Sparse Optimal Control of Differential Equations: Algorithms and Applications. Principal Investigator.

CONICYT ANILLO Project ACT-1106 (2012-2015): Analysis of control problems and applications. Principal Investigator.

FONDECYT Grant 3130497 (2012-2015): Global Dynamics and Bifurcations: Insight into Theory and Applications. Sponsor.

MILLENIUM SCIENCE NUCLEUS ICM/FIC P10-024F (2011-2014): Information and coordination in networks. Associated Investigator.

FONDECYT Grant 11090023 (2009-2013): Asymptotic analysis of perturbed dynamical systems and applications. Principal Investigator, Responsible.

STIC AmSud Project OVIMINE (2011-2012): Optimization and viability in mining. Principal Investigator, Responsible.

DGIP Grant 121568 (2015). Associated Investigator.

DGIP-UTFSM Grants 121310 (2013-2014), 121123 (2011-2012), 120916 (2009-2010) and 120821 (2008). Principal Investigator.